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A spacious toe box is lined with a thin liner, creating a double-mesh upper that is exceptionally breathable thanks to its ability to wick away moisture. Now, keep in mind that your feet will grow as weeks and months pass. I went to go try on my previously ‘too-large’ Nike shoes and found out that they are now both too short and too narrow. These boots offer thermal qualities adequate for winter hikes.


This is something that more minimalist shoes should do to prevent themselves from looking too wide (or “clownlike”). Certain design elements break up the silhouette of the shoe and provide a more streamlined-looking platform, but they can still be wide on the inside. The patented FeelTrue rubber outsole provides a direct line of feedback between the ground and your feet. When I ordered these, they were a last resort and I was ‘meh’ about them.

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With barefoot shoes, I always suggest having anywhere from .3-.6 inches of room at the end of the toe box. This range will usually be good to ensure you have plenty of room to spread and move the toes while also not running into heel slip issues. Xero Shoes has released 5 new models for the fall/winter season, and they will be 20% off for two weeks! They include new and improved gym, running, and trail sneakers, plus a stylish new men’s boot.

I kind of like it since it looks like you’re a travel-government contracting for small businessy vagabond beating on it for the past few years. I’m generally not a big fan of ballet flats, I usually wear them only for special events when sneakers are just a no-go. But the Phoenix Knits have grown on me and I enjoy wearing them even when I don’t actually need to.

  • I washed them in the machine and they air dried quickly, looking like new.
  • Now I have a little too much wiggle room and space which would be acceptable when hiking, but definitely not for sprinting.
  • The Aqua Cloud is an updated version of the Cloud sandal from Xero shoes.
  • Then received a follow-up e-mail telling me to give it “a few extra days” for them to credit my account.
  • I went to go try on my previously ‘too-large’ Nike shoes and found out that they are now both too short and too narrow.
  • If you have extra space under the laces of your shoes and have to tighten them a lot to prevent moving around, you probably have low volume feet.

He Xero Shoes Xcursion Fusion embodies minimalism and the lightweight backpacker spirit. Their motto, “live life feet first,” is truthful as the company aims to give your feet more contact and responsiveness with the ground. This breathable, waterproof hiking boot stands out with its slim silhouette. Although narrow and lightweight, this boot is packed with the tech you need on trail.

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I think this price point could be hit or miss depending on what you want out of your barefoot shoes. I went with my normal size for continuity purposes in review and thought that the fit was fine for the Xero Shoes Speed Force. However, it’s important to note that I do like it when shoes are a bit more form-fitting. For lifting, the Xero Shoes Speed Force is a pretty good barefoot shoe. While it’s not necessarily designed for strictly lifting, if you plan to lift here and there in this model, then I think it will perform pretty well for lifting contexts.

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The Prio is a rugged and capable shoe, which I’m certain can withstand almost anything thrown at it, and more. Admittedly, it isn’t the most minimalist shoe around, however that shouldn’t be a deterrent for everyone out there. I’ve been wearing these for running in the past few months, and they’ve held up superbly… With a bit more meat on the sole, they’ve been one of my go-to’s for people transitioning into barefoot shoes. They’re not quite as wide in the toe box as the prios but they’re still good for me. I do feel the insole is necessary when running on black top.

Xero Shoes Speed Force Performance

Calling all chefs, nurses, factory workers, or anyone looking for NON-SLIP work shoes – we finally have a barefoot shoe that is designed for the service industry!! The Prio All-Day SR has a slip resistant sole that beats out any other option currently available. It comes in all-black to comply with dress codes, and is a full-grain leather. They come with a thin removable insole and fit medium to high volume over the arch. This type of a shoe doesn’t really stretch or mold to the foot, so it may be tight fitting on people with high arches/thick ankles. I would also suggest sizing up if in between, unless you have a narrow/thin foot.

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As we continue to say, the HFS is designed like a racing flat and thus excels as a road runner. From our time spent off-road, it is obvious that trails are definitely rough on the outsoles — even after only a dozen or so miles, the rubber started to wear in areas of high impact. We imagine that consistent road running in these shoes will be much friendlier to sole longevity than consistent trail running. We also worry about the timeline for the upper, which is not much more than a simple mesh. Again, the difference in lifetime will likely come down to how you end up running in these shoes. Though not as bomber as other models we’ve tested, the HFS is still reinforced in key spots to improve durability and increase longevity.

Other Options for Barefoot Hiking Boots

These lugs have small dimples for a little additional and these are usually the first parts of the sole to show wear. However, Xero Shoes has a very generous 5,000 mile warranty on their shoes. The rubber choice with the Feeltrue sole is quite dense and very durable.

While I know this fit style isn’t for everyone, if you like barefoot shoes that hug the foot a little better then this will definitely be a pro of this model for you. I think this pro will be most relevant for those that feel like barefoot shoes typically feel “floppy” on their feet. The Xero website says if you normally wear a 9.5 you should order a 10. We systematically put each type of shoe through certain runs prior to review.

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When you unroll it, the sandal will not snap back to a flat state and remain slightly curved. This obviously wouldn’t affect the performance as it will stay flat when you put it on anyway. The sole is secured onto your feet with a single ultra-comfortable tubular webbing, adjusted through rust-proof hardware. While it’s thicker, it’s actually 20% lighter than the Z-Trek. It’s so light that it takes three pairs of Z-Trails to weigh as much as an average sandal. This foam conforms to the feet as you use it, and I felt it was very comfortable for that thickness.

It comes in the pink you see here in women’s sizes, as well as white and black in both men’s and women’s sizes. This shoe feels plush inside with padding around the ankle and a more cushioned sole than most barefoot shoes. They felt immediately comfortable with no break in time, and I can see them being a really nice first barefoot shoe for beginners. Since I usually prefer an extra thin shoe, I removed the insole.

Xero Shoes 360 Review – A Court/Gym Shoe That’s Barefoot!

The interesting material choice of faux suede/nylon-like plastic keeps your feet planted on the sole. And that’s precisely how you want a court shoe to be—perfectly locked in place. There is some separation of the upper and the sole, which some Shoe Goo should fix right up if/when my middle picks up these shoes in a few years. When held, they look like they have a lot of toe spring but there is only a very minimal upward tilt when they are worn, and even that will fade with more wear on his newer pair. You can totally see my shoe stacks encroaching into his camera view. The only thing I would keep in mind is that these probably aren’t best for lots of pavement walking – that can wear the tread down quicker and feels less comfortable .

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How Should Running Shoes Fit? – Running Shoe Size Guide.

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Softstar’s other shoes are known for their super soft leather that can often stretch a bit with wear. However, in order to make these barefoot hiking boots more durable, they used a different leather that does not stretch. Therefore, if you’re between sizes, it’s best to size up. These have a very generously sized toe box, and are one of the widest hiking shoes I’ve seen. On top of that, Softstar offers a wide width to fit those with extra wide feet. This means they’re really lightweight, but do put a bit more space between you and the ground compared to some of the other barefoot hiking boots on this list.

  • This shoe is lightweight and super minimalist so it will replicate a barefoot running style closely and can be used for a variety of mileages.
  • And a heat-reflective insole adds to the winter-friendly comfort.
  • I wore them on a trail run, and Megan used them for pavement running, biking, and CrossFit.
  • There was some noticeable wear-and-tear on the edges of the outsole, which is unfortunate considering the limitations of their warranty.
  • Sizes are an issue and do not conform to US sizes.

Are you thinking of doing a rope climb in your shoes? Forget wearing regular trainers; you’ll scuff up the upper material in no time. They’ve added rubber overlays on the top of the shoes for extra grip and durability. A pretty unique design that sets them apart from many shoes on the market. The widest selection of barefoot shoes in one place. The full grain leather is naturally water resistant, but you can also treat them yourself – learn the best ways to waterproof your shoes here.

The only minor I thing I don’t like is that the laces are kind of thick and tend to come untied easily, but that is a minor quibble. The only possible difference I can see between a man’s shoe and woman’s shoe in this case is maybe some extra room top to bottom. These barefoot hiking boots shoes a 6.5mm stack height, comprised of a 4mm outsole and 2.5mm insole. The insole is removable, but provided a bit of cushion and shock absorption.

But just curious if you had tried these and found them to be a more narrow profile, or if it was just me. I recommend this shoe to anyone looking to try something new. If you are feeling weighed down by heavy boots and looking for a little more ankle support than a trail running shoe, this boot is your sweet spot.

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