Paving comes in many guises: 

Concrete flags - otherwise known as council concrete. We tend not to use these except for shed bases and utility areas as they are not very attractive. They can be made more attractive by having wide joints filled with decorative aggregates but no matter how you dress these up they are a budget solution.

Indian sandstone – our most common type of paving. Good quality and good value. A huge variety of styles and colours make this a great choice.

Yorkstone – timeless but also relatively expensive. Not for everyone. 

Slate – contemporary looking but moderately expensive.

Porcelain tiles - A newcomer to the paving market. A fantastic product available in an almost bewildering array of colours and finishes. Probably the most durable outside paving product. Not the cheapest option but well worth the money.

Let’s face it though, all of the above options are only as good as the base they are laid on. If someone offers you a price that seems very competitive it’s because corners have been cut, generally where you can’t see it – under the paving. These compromises usually make themselves visible after a year or two.

All our work is guaranteed for five years.


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