Green Roof With Wild Flowers

A green roof system uses plant life as a covering instead of traditional roofing materials. Not only are green roofs a welcome injection of greenery into urban landscapes, but they attract wildlife such as birds and butterflies. They can also provide a habitat for pollinators such as bees, whose numbers are in sharp decline, due in part to a loss of habitat.

Benefits of a Green Roof Installation in West Yorkshire

There are many benefits to having a green roof and although some may argue that it is more expensive to install, a green roof will generally last two to three times as long and need less expensive maintenance throughout its life. Here are a few other benefits: -

  • May assist and speed up the process of gaining planning permission and add value to property.
  • Moderate the temperature of buildings. This reduces cooling/heating costs thereby reducing energy expenditure and carbon emissions.
  • Extends the life expectancy of the roof membrane.
  • Reduces the drainage infrastructure and water storage requirements on site, by preventing up to 90% of rainfall run-off and as a result the flash flooding we have seen in recent years.
  • Re-uses aggregates that would otherwise have to be removed from new build sites.
  • Can score highly in environmental building rating schemes.
  • Filters dust and pollution.
  • Dampens noise levels, reducing the sound from outside by up to 40 decibels.
  • Low maintenance, requiring minimum care.
  • Most importantly, the Green Roof provides a habitat for wildlife and a space for trees, shrubs and flowers to grow.

Green Roof Installation in West Yorkshire

Green roofs can be added to many types of roof, from sheds and garages to vast extensions. The surface can even be sloped. Sedums make a simple green roof and although they look great, they have minimum benefit to wildlife. Our sedum roofs include up to 12 species of plants and will provide a changing spectrum of colour throughout the year. Taking into account structural considerations, we would prefer to increase the depth of soil on the roof so we can dramatically increase the variety of plant species used. A greater plant diversity will not only give the roof a greater aesthetic appeal, but will also be more beneficial to the urban biodiversity and become a good forage habitat for bees. 


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