Wildlife Pond

By John Brennan, 16/02/2019

Wildlife Pond

This wildlife pond project has been ongoing and has been more a labour of love than work.

The pond is situated around a 100 metres from the house at the bottom of a very, very steep slope.

The initial landscaping was very gruelling work with no access for machinery and the steep slope to contend with. The pond was dug into the hillside and the slope retained with a curved drystone wall.

Once the heavy work was finished then we were able to concentrate on the planting and making the pond an inviting place for insects and amphibians.

Now the entire area is teeming with wildlife on, in around and above the water. I stopped by the other day and saw dragonflies, damselflies, pond skaters and waterboatmen. The only thing missing was a frog sitting on a lily pad!


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