The benefits of commercial landscaping

By John Brennan, 28/10/2021

The benefits of commercial landscaping

When we talk of ‘landscaping’, our minds naturally veer towards residential properties. Our minds are cast to the well manicured lawns, uniform flowerbeds and water features of suburban gardens. Rarely do we think of commercial properties when we consider landscaping and the many benefits it brings. 

In a commercial setting, much thought is given to interior design, with breakout rooms and deskspace being specifically designed to maximise creativity and productivity. But the building's exterior is often something of an afterthought.

Whether you want the design of your housing development entrance to make a statement, or want to install a courtyard for employees to enjoy their lunch in, Yorkshire Gardens offer a range of services to suit all needs. Here are some of the benefits commercial landscaping can bring to your business: 

Increase property value 

In a property market that is so competitive, any advantage you can achieve is worth pursuing. The size, location and condition of your property will obviously dictate the value for the most part, but landscaping can increase value by as much as 14%. Not only can it add value to your property, but it can also speed the whole process up. In an industry where first impressions definitely matter, a well-groomed garden or driveway can be the difference between piquing a buyer’s interest and turning them off completely. 

Sure up your commitment to being eco-friendly

Establishing an eco-friendly business is something high on the priority of businesses all over the world. More and more, customers are looking to align their purchasing habits with companies that are ‘green’. A well-maintained landscape is one way to show your commitment to being environmentally friendly. Not only will a well thought out landscape help reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also help to save on energy costs and promote an environment that’s ecologically friendly. 

Retain clients and attract new ones 

An attractive environment is a welcoming and approachable environment; it sets the tone for your business, and to clients current and new, it can be indicative of service or product that you’re selling. It’s vitally important that clients feel inspired and engaged when they visit your premises, as this will have an impact on the quality of the work you do together. Everything from stylish decking to an inviting roof terrace will help with this and make clients want to return.  

Lift employee mood and productivity 

How your business looks from the outside can have a profound impact on what happens inside. If your team is stimulated from the moment they park their car, their mood will be elevated and you’ll notice an increase in productivity. In the same way a lot of thought is put into decorating meeting rooms and office layout, the same level of detail needs to be taken with your outside environment.

Save time and money

The upkeep of your outdoor space can be a time consuming and costly venture. Yorkshire Gardens can help your business devise a bespoke landscape maintenance package to suit your specific requirements and budget. By carrying out regular maintenance work, you can focus on building your brand and work is likely to be a lot cheaper as there will be less major work to do. 

If you’d like some professional advice on how we could revitalise your commercial property, contact us and book a free consultation today. 


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