Summer Garden Care For Your Yorkshire Garden

By John Brennan, 14/05/2021

Summer Garden Care For Your Yorkshire Garden

With summer approaching, your garden can be a space to retreat to. You want it to present the relaxed atmosphere appropriate for the heat of the summer months so from caring for your plants to adding new features, here are a few ideas to help prepare your summer garden.

Watering in the Morning

Having a variety of plants can enhance your garden by providing colour and decoration, and in order to keep them healthy, frequent watering is needed, especially during the summer. If frequent watering isn’t maintained then your plants will quickly wither in the heat, and dead plants can leave your garden feeling like a neglected space. The morning is the best time to water your plants in the summer. This is because it provides time for the water to reach the roots before the heat causes it all to be soaked up by the soil. 

Feed the Plants

Your plants will require more than just water to withstand the hot temperatures and prolonged sun exposure - you will also need to fertilise them. There are a range of fertilisers to help your plants thrive through the warmer months that will provide the sustenance that extra water won't. Fertilisers can not only provide the required nutrients for the plants but also help soil retain water better and allow better movement for air. 

Avoid the Pests

There is no shortage of insects during the summer, and the products you use to rid your garden of them depend on the type of insect you’re dealing with. If you want your garden to be both a relaxing summer retreat and a welcoming space for friends, you need to make sure it isn’t plagued by any unwanted guests. Don’t forget to be cautious regarding what pesticides you use as some can be non-specific in what they kill, and could end up causing serious damage to your plants or soil. 

Frequent Lawn Mowing

Keep your lawn tidy by frequently mowing it. Having guests over for drinks in the sun can be a staple of summer, and keeping your garden presentable will ensure it’s a suitable environment for a relaxed hangout with friends. Additionally, frequent lawn mowing also encourages grass to grow more thickly, which will subsequently avoid brown patches on your lawn and add to your garden’s overall visual appeal. 

Artificial Grass

Maintaining a lawn can be physically taxing, especially during the summer given the heat and humidity, which can turn it into an even more exerting task. With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about watering, fertilising, or mowing. If you’re considering a low maintenance alternative to a natural lawn, we at Yorkshire Gardens can offer advice through a free consultation that you can book here.


Your garden can be the place you fall back to during the days of summer to sit and relax. By installing an arbour, you can provide yourself and friends with a space of shelter from the sun. For the days or evenings spent enjoying the warmth with a drink in hand, an arbour can provide both shade and structure to your garden. Book a free consultation with us here for any advice regarding installing arbours.

Ponds and Water Features

Water features can enhance your garden by providing it with a sense of spectacle, especially with intricate designs fountains can have. If you’re spending a summer day relaxing in the shade of an arbour, why not complement that with the soothing sound of one of our water features? Book a free consultation regarding our water features and we’ll provide our professional advice. 

Yorkshire Gardens

If you are interested in any of the above features please book a free consultation with us, and we’ll offer our advice on how to transform your space. You can also call us at 0113 360 1477. 

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