Sloped garden ideas - design solutions to make the most out of sloped outdoor space

By John Brennan, 29/11/2021

Sloped garden ideas - design solutions to make the most out of sloped outdoor space

A sloped garden can be a daunting prospect for even the most seasoned gardener. The temptation will always be to flatten out the slope, but this can be difficult depending on the height of the incline and extremely costly to do as it involves moving a lot of earth around. 

At Yorkshire Gardens, we would recommend working with the natural incline your garden has and creating something unique that a flat perspective could never give you. With some careful landscaping and creative thinking, you could transform your garden at a fraction of the cost it would take to level it. 

Take a look at some of the clever sloped garden ideas we’ve come up with, and realise the opportunity embracing your sloped plot presents. 

Embrace a multi-level garden

One of the best ways to make the most out of your sloped garden is to think about installing a raised structure like a terrace. This will help provide structure to your garden and it will create multiple flat levels that can be filled with garden furniture. With some clever lighting to guide visitors and accentuate the different height of levels, you can establish the ideal outdoor space to entertain guests when the weather picks up.

Zone with different levels 

A flat garden is undoubtedly easier to work with. However, what a flat garden will never be able to give you is the ability to effortlessly create different zones within your outdoor space. A steep sloping garden naturally invites clearly defined zones, with each zone serving its own purpose. An elevated dining area that overlooks a more open part of the gardens offers a multifunctional family space that’s sure to keep everyone happy.

Make a statement with steps

Whether you’re using gabion-structured walls to break your space up, or retaining the natural incline with plants that grow at different heights, installing steps can help you make a statement and transition from different levels in your space. Grass steps with a small incline can be embedded directly into the sloped earth, or prefabricated steps with a relatively small footprint can be used to maximise limited space. As long as the steps you choose are paired with adequate lighting, they can become a real focal point for your outdoor space. 

Use the incline to create a water feature

Another inventive way to use the gradient of your garden to your advantage is to install a water feature, with the incline allowing water to flow down. The gradient of the land will naturally lend itself to this and you will be able to create a tranquil atmosphere in your garden, offering you somewhere picturesque and idyllic to escape to after a long day at work. 

Contact us today and book a free consultation with one of our gardening experts to see how you could transform your sloped garden. 


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