Pond Fish, How to care for them

By John Brennan, 14/07/2017

If you’ve had one of our ponds or water features installed, you may want to make it into a home for a colony of goldfish.

Whether you’ll be housing carp, smaller pet varieties or even some more exotic breeds, you’ll need to be well equipped and have some knowledge to ensure your fish are healthy and happy.

Get the right size

Think about how many fish you intend to house in your pond. Too many fish in a small pond will make for a torturous environment. The size of the fish is important too when determining the overall size.

Small fish need approximately 50cm depth (which makes them good fish to have in the home too), but for larger fish such as carp need around 100cm depth. Some basic calculations and planning will ensure that your pond is the perfect size. Remember, something slightly too large is a safer bet than risking large fish in a tiny pond.

Check the fish stockist

This should be obvious, but a reputable fish stockist will practice legitimately (no illegal exotic breeds on sale) and be caring for their fish well.

If the fish are looking listless or sickly in the tank, or are gasping at the top of the tank, then they are poorly looked after. Shopping around and checking reviews of different pet shops and suppliers will mean that you can make an informed decision and find the healthiest fish.

Prepare the water

For clean water suitable for fish to live in, Tetra Pond recommend using “a product such as TetraPond® AquaSafe®” in order to treat the water for chlorine and chloramines. They also recommend that if your pond is new “make sure the pond and filter have been running for at least two weeks to allow the beneficial bacteria to colonize.”

Protect the fish

Fish are always at risk from birds such as herons, and while you might be keen to put in place a heron decoy ornament, these may not work as well as previously thought.

Fitting a wire netting over your pond will help protect your fish without restricting their access to light and oxygen.

Tetra Fish have a great article about how to spot signs of unhealthy fish and what to do to correct it. A lot of the time, pH imbalances and other problems with the water will be to blame.

And finally… Feeding

It is obvious, but not over-feeding or under-feeding your fish won’t end well. Watergarden have a great guide on feeding which you can read here, and they advise feeding your fish “only what they can eat in 5 minutes”.

Enjoy your pond!

We can plan and install the perfect pond or water feature for you. Call us today for a free consultation.


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