Natural Swimming Pools

By John Brennan, 11/09/2020

Natural Swimming Pools

Anyone into ‘wild’ swimming? Well how about having your very own freshwater swimming pool?

Natural, chlorine-free pools in gardens are becoming more and more popular….

there’s something about swimming in natural water that leaves you feeling relaxed, revived and in tune with nature.

A swimming pond will act as a fresh water habitat and work with plants and animals to provide hygienic water for swimming.

A circulation system driven by a standard aquarium air pump moves the water through plant beds, sand and gravel, down to drainage pipes, and the water is filtered by the micro-organisms living there.

It will also create a valuable habitat for wildlife.

You can also decide for yourself how the pool or pond will look, it could be formal or more natural.

Take a look at some of these pictures as examples of freshwater pools people have built to swim in...

And consider this:

Our landscape used to have thousands upon thousands of ponds, but through agricultural practice and land development most have been lost.

'By encouraging people to make organic pools for their own health, wellbeing and all-round joie de vivre, they are simultaneously creating valuable habitats and stepping stones for wildlife across our landscape.'

So if you think you'd like your own pool, even if it's only a small one get in touch and we'll see how we may be able to help!

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