Indoor Gardens

By John Brennan, 30/06/2017

Houseplants are a great addition to any home. While they often suit those in flats or without a garden, those with an outdoor space might want to expand their garden or make their indoor space just as colourful and full of life as the garden.

Pick your plant

Undoubtedly, perennials make the best houseplants. These include the family favourites such as succulents and cacti, but spider plants, aloe vera and of course the famous peace lilies also make great house plants.

Green Living Ideas even named spider plants as and “very tolerant of neglect” and tipped it as even being able to clean the air in your house!


Re-planting cuttings from your garden, such as herbs, shrubs, trees and more is a great way to expand the life of certain plants, and make the most of your garden. Effectively, you can give a touch of the outdoors to your indoor rooms.

This fantastic article gives you a step-by-step guide to handling the different kinds of cuttings. If you do it with care and correctly, you’ll end up with some wonderful and durable house plants.

Still take care!

Just because perennials might be ‘hardier’ than other plants, it doesn’t mean that they should be neglected. Investing in a cheap water spritzer (even a travel sized one will suffice) to give the plants a little moisture will help. However, this doesn’t mean you should under-water them either. Water the soil sufficiently, but wait until it has dried out somewhat before watering again. Following this routine will help you to avoid under or over watering and therefore extend the life of your plants.

You should also ensure that your houseplants have sufficient sunlight. Windowsills, conservatories and balconies are perfect for this. Although in more stormy weather, you should ensure that the plants have some protection!

Enjoy expanding your beautiful garden into your house, and love a green indoor space all year round!



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