How Your Garden is Helping the Country’s Green Space

By John Brennan, 15/03/2021

How Your Garden is Helping the Country’s Green Space

Taking care of your garden offers far more than an attractive frame to your home. Potted plants, arranged trees, bushes and vegetables all contribute to a healthier space and a more biodiverse environment for your local area. So why is biodiversity important?

Cleaning the Air

Plants grow and develop via a process of photosynthesis and respiration - sort of like breathing. During the night, plants intake oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. However, during the day, natural sunlight enables the plants to intake carbon dioxide - the gas humans breathe out - and expel fresh oxygen for us to breathe. Essentially, plants are crucial to keeping the air we breathe fresh and circulated.

A broad and diverse environment of plants, trees and bushes are vital to the health of the people in those areas and the more rich and varied the biodiversity, the cleaner the air. In addition, plants also work to clean the ground they’re planted in. They take in nutrients via their roots, which often includes metals and otherwise harmful materials to humans, meaning our drinking water and veg-growing soil is better. So be selfish and grow plants!

Good Soil: Preventing Erosion and Promoting Nutrients

Speaking of soil, topsoil is usually the most nutritious as it benefits from organic debris like leaves, foods and bugs. This matter breaks down and creates highly rich soil for growing foods and feeding animals. However, this soil is susceptible to erosion after heavy rainfall. This is because topsoil is loose and can be washed away easily.

Plants help bind and stabilise the soil, meaning the topsoil doesn’t get washed away and you benefit from a rich soil that’s nutritious for your plants, and strong plants that protect the soil.

Noise Pollution

Nothing helps you enjoy your green space better than a quiet space. Large bushes and trees are excellent at absorbing and deflecting sound, creating a natural sound barrier. The more residents in your area that adopt a lush garden, the quieter your urban environment will be.

Keeps the Bees Buzzing

One of the biggest, and most influential, reasons to invest in a lush garden is to help the local environment. Bees, birds and insects are paramount to the health of our environment. They fertilise soil, spread pollen and seeds, and are a part of a crucial ecosystem. Without them, our environments will die and wither away - this is bad for our mental and physical health.

Urban gardens help create ‘green corridors’ - a way for the natural world to exist in urban environments by giving them stepping stones of greenery to live on. Plants give smaller animals protection from predators, flowers will attract pollinators like bees and birds are attracted to quieter spaces that contain space to nest.

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