Green Walls

By John Brennan, 05/02/2019

Green Walls

As garden designers we’ve been noticing with interest the rise in the number of vertical gardens or living green walls in our cities. The picture shows a library in Grimbsy, there's a huge one at the Hotel Athenaeum in London, and there are many other green walls springing up in the UK, and worldwide. 

Green walls have quite a few benefits, for the environment, for the building and for humans. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, being around and seeing plants and greenery have uplifting and calming effects on people, reducing stress, increasing productivity at work and recovery from illness.

A building with a green wall is protected from UV and water damage, offsetting the costs of maintenance and provided with an extra layer of insulation, cutting down on heating costs and reducing noise pollution levels.
By using a broad range of plants they can increase the number and variety of insects and birds, increasing bio-diversity and improving the eco-system in urban environments. And another great benefit is the plants will help to purify the air of pollutants…

Green walls can also work on a smaller scale in our own gardens… but that’s for another post!
Take a look at some of the pictures on our facebook page.

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