Green Roofs: Help the City to Help the Environment

By John Brennan, 18/03/2021

Green Roofs: Help the City to Help the Environment

In our last blog, we took a look at the economical and environmental benefits of creating and caring for your diverse garden. Similarly, green roofs provide many of the same great benefits but also offer some pros unique to the city.

Lower Energy Costs

Typically we see green roofs on large commercial buildings in the city and for a good reason. Plants both absorb and reflect sunlight (at different levels) - the predominant absorption will aid in a cooler climate. A cooler climate is not only more pleasant for residents and pedestrians, but means that indoor air conditioning  doesn’t have to work as hard, for as long. This results in lower energy costs.

Not to mention it helps clean the air. During the day, natural sunlight enables the plants to intake carbon dioxide, the gas humans breathe out, and expel fresh oxygen for us to breathe. This is especially important in cities that often accumulate heavy traffic and large-energy consuming buildings.

All this sunlight absorption will benefit those with solar panels, as a cooler roof means a more efficient solar panel.

Rainwater Management

During heavy rainfall, traditional building gutters filter the water into the sewage system and with it, can collect litter and other non-organic or harmful materials. For this reason, the city's sewage system can easily become overflown, causing residential delays, an unpleasant environment and encouraging bacteria to grow.

A green roof will act as a natural water absorbent, delaying some of the water from draining and leaving the rest to be contained within the plant and later evaporated back into the air. The water that is drained into the sewage is purified and the water that is evaporated back into the air contributes towards a better environment.

Increase Property Value

Businesses grow, adapt and ultimately move around so it’s not unusual to find yourself in the position of needing to sell your property. The better appearance and reduced energy cost will help add immediate value to your property. Not to mention that the plant-life acts as a natural barrier, extending the lifespan of the roof. Essentially, a green roof is a great investment.

Green Corridor

As mentioned in our last blog, natural spaces in urban areas are vital to keeping our animal ecosystem alive. Green spaces act as stepping stones or a green corridor for the birds, bees and other insects that keep our valuable environment healthy.

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