Getting Kids Into Gardening

By John Brennan, 25/10/2018

Getting Kids Into Gardening

Getting Kids Into Gardening

Research suggests that kids connected to nature and gardens are more focused, suffer less problems with ADHD and score better on tests and many will develop a greater interest in healthy eating if they get to grow their own veg.

It's a healthy and cheap way for children to learn and have fun at home.
So how can you get your kids into gardening?

1. Give them their own garden plot to tend or you could even start with them growing something in a pot which they could decorate themselves.

2. Weird stuff always goes down well. Steer them towards edible flowers, or unusually coloured or shaped veg. Suttons do a range of seeds aimed at kids.

3. Get them growing upside down trailing tomato plants.

4. Once the seeds are planted and begin to sprout and grow taller, don’t let the work of maintaining the garden space become drudgery. Offer to work side-by-side or invite other kids to join in when it is time water or weed.

We're going to be sharing a few more tips and ideas on this subject, stay tuned for more!

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