we are gabion experts

Unlike some gabion installers, we construct ours by carefully aligning the stones and using the best quality materials. Our gabions do not sag and are incredibly stable, and they are self-draining structures too.


When correctly and sympathetically installed these can look fabulous as well as being a cost effective retaining wall solution. Known as a gravity wall gabions use their own mass to retain earth behind them. When installed with a an integral support they can also be used as free standing walls.


A traditional concrete and blockwork wall will perform the same function but the specification needed to match gabions makes this an expensive option, not least as a concrete wall is also ugly so will need to be faced with as decorative material such as stone or timber.

Although gabions are a cost effective option they are far from cheap. As with anything well built and attractive they come at a price.


From new gardens to re-designing existing borders, we can offer you professional and friendly advice.

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