Like a dream car, a newly designed garden should be something of quality and precision, and something that requires a real investment to ensure the best results. The average garden in a new build property is 60 square metres. With this in mind, the average price for a landscaped garden will cost around £10,000 at the very least. 

Some people find it helpful to equate a landscaping project to buying a car. Think about how much you’d invest in a Range Rover as opposed to a Smart Car, or a Nissan Figaro compared to an Audi A4. Only you really know what is best for you. We specialise in good quality, long lasting gardens and to continue the car metaphor we don’t supply ‘old bangers’.

A very rough approximation for estimating is the cost per square metre.  A typical back garden will start at around a hundred and fifty pounds per square metre. The word ‘start’ must be emphasised here however. It may cost much more depending on the materials used, the maturity of plants and special features installed. If levels need to be changed, retaining walls installed or boundaries updated then costs will rise still further.

Another very useful way of estimating how much to spend is by finding out your total property value. Unless you own hundreds of acres or a tiny courtyard, then a figure of between five and ten percent of the total property value will usually give you a well-designed and landscaped garden that reflects and enhances the property as a whole. Within these percentage figures it is unlikely that your garden, taken purely as an investment, will cost you money. On the contrary, recent surveys have shown that good quality landscaping offers a return on investment even greater than property as a whole. We can give you more information during a free consultation, where we can discuss the entire brief and provide more useful approximate costs.

We hope this page has been helpful in explaining our pricing and estimates. If you are still keen to move things forward, contact us either via our contact page or over the phone to book a free consultation and discuss your garden ideas.


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